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Welcome to MaltaComics Points – our loyalty rewards program.

This program is our way of rewarding our loyal clients who have for years chosen us as their preferred pop culture shop.
Below you can find information in regards to the number of points accumulated, current rewards available and ways to earn points.

Stay tuned – we will add more offers and ways to beef up your point count thoughout the year!

€10 Off
€10 off your next purchase
This reward is worth 400 Points, you need 400 Points more
€20 Off
€20 Off your next purchase
This reward is worth 750 Points, you need 750 Points more
€50 Off
€50 Off your next purchase
This reward is worth 1500 Points, you need 1500 Points more
1/4 Infinity Gauntlet
Avengers: Endgame Replica 1/4 Infinity Gauntlet by Hot Toys
This reward is worth 4200 Points, you need 4200 Points more

Please log in if you want to see your loyalty points

Please log in to see the coupons you have
How to earn loyalty points
Perform the actions described below to earn loyalty points
Action to perform
Points earned
Spend money
2 Points / 1.00
Place a first order
Product review
Referee spends money
Referee orders

You can earn more points now! Check below!


Refer your friend(s)

Please log in if you want to refer your friends

You can track your points in more detail by visiting your Account section of the website  once you’re logged in.

Points earned for product purchases are awarded to you once your order is completed and delivered.


The Mandatory Disclaimer

Points are calculated automatically through the website based on rules relating to your purchases.

Where necessary, MaltaComics reserves the right to adjust the amount of Points awarded to a client. This is necessary from time to time if the website mis-calculates the Points which should have been awarded to a customer purchase. If in this event MaltaComics adjusts your Points, you will be informed in writing in such a case.

MaltaComics reserves the right to cancel Points or cancel a redemption should the Points have not been awarded correctly. Once again, you will be informed in writing should this be the case.

MaltaComics Points may not be redeemable during sales or on certain products. This may come into effect from time to time

Points cannot be used to purchase any online gift cards and will not be earned on gift card purchases.

Points must be used at the beginning of a transaction. They can not be used offline or after the transaction has occured.

MaltaComics reserves the right to change the MaltaComics Points reward program at any time without notice. We will do this to ensure that the program is running smoothly and/or to add more features.


Q – How can I redeem Points?

A – You can redeem a reward once you have reach the minimum amount of points needed through this page. You will receivea code to redeem your rewards during checkout.


Q – Do MaltaComics Points expire?

A – No! But we may change rewards or adjust there levels from time to time.


Q – How do I know what my Points total is?

A – You need to log in to your account. You can then either visit this page or visit your account page to get more info.


Q – Will I earn MaltaComics Points if I check out as a guest?

A – No. But it’s very easy to register your account and start earning points.


Q – I forgot to log into my account* when I placed my order, can I still get my points?

A – You must alert us with 48 hours of the order being placed we can award them manually, however please be aware that we can only do this as a once off. You will be reminded to make sure you log in to receive your points.

* Accounts registered after making an order are not acceptible.


Q – Are MaltaComics Points transferable between orders?

A – Once you place an order and decide to redeem your MaltaComics Points via a voucher against that order, then subsequently decide to cancel that order, the Points redemption is final and lost on that cancelled order. Once vouchers are used on a particular purchase, they are lost!


Q – Can I transfer Points or Rewards between accounts?

A – No, all Points attached to an account cannot be altered or transferred. Rewards are to the account in question and can not used by any other accounts.


Q – I don’t think my Points total is correct, What do I do?

A – Please contact us with your account details (email address) and/or an order number so we can check on, and correct your Points total.


Q – I made a purchase not through the website (in the store, on Facebook or any other Offline purchase). Do I get Points?

A -No you are not eligible. Sorry.

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