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Classic RPG Runic Dice Set green & yellow (7)


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Classic RPG Runic Dice Set green & yellow

What does “Classic” mean? Classic is never outdated, never embarrassing and is a proof of a sense of style. It fits everything and is useful in every situation. It fits everyone, not only the rich and the snobs. The classic can be simple or sophisticated but it is never vulgarly ornate. The golden rule of moderation is what distinguishes it from all other things. So, how does the Q WORKSHOP understand the Classic Runic RPG dice? It is a Set of Polyhedral Dice made from best materials according to a classically elegant design and crafted with simple but beautiful runic font, readable as never before. These are no trinkets. It is a very useful set for all games. Available in many colors, these dice should help your heroes explore dungeons, fight with dragons, and let them find the right adventurous path in all worlds. These sets will be your friends. Take them with you wherever you play your favourite games. We are proud of our Classic Runic Dice Sets because the simplicity of these game-tools has been combined with aesthetics. No one has the right to say that Classic means boring and ordinary. We create beautiful dice, Classic is not a deviation from this principle.

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