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    • Get ready for a new Minecraft Gam Adventure! Farm your land and take your vegetables to the farmers market where you can trade with villagers for unique items with powerful abilities! The Farmers market expansion can only be played with the Minecraft: Builders and Biomes base game.
    • True Minecraft experience – Developed in collaboration with Mojang, Minecraft: Farming & Trading brings players together in a shared, in-person experience in this exciting Board Game.
    • High quality components – Contains 20x building tiles, 1x marketplace board, 18x item tiles, 32x wooden vegetable tokens, 6x player skins, 3x item reference cards, 8x overview cards, 8x experience counters, 1x rulebook
    • Easy to understand instructions – high quality, easy-to-understand instructions make it simple to start playing right away.
    • A new adventure every time – Explore a new Overworld grid and try new Farming & Trading strategies every time!
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  • MINECRAFT BUILDERS & BIOMES GAME RAVENSBURGER USA INC Explore the Overworld, face dangerous mobs, and mine resources to build fantastic structures! The world’s bestselling videogame, Minecraft, has been adapted into an easy-to-learn strategy board game perfect for tabletop gamers and Minecraft fans alike. Each turn, players take two of five possible actions: explore the Overworld, mine resources from …


  • Number of Players: 2+

    Age Rating: 3+

    Box Contents: 30 Top Trump Cards

  • As in the UNO® you love, UNO® Minecraft gameplay involves players racing to get rid of all their cards, but this version features cards with Minecraft characters and images and a special rule! And in UNO® Minecraft, there’s also a new type of action card; when you draw the Creeper card, show it to the …

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