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Are all the items listed on the site "in stock"?

Many of the items are in stock and we try to keep them so as long as they are still being produced and put on the market. Although an item may be listed as “In Stock” it may not actually be physically in our store. Due to the large range of items on our site, and sales occurring in store and online an item may not necessarily be “in store” at the time of purchase. It remains “in stock” because we can fill the order generally between 1 to 10 business days. In the event this happens we will contact you immediately

What is a PREORDER?

Preorders are items that have never been put on the market and are set to be released in the future. The tentative release date is listed below the Add Cart button.

Can a Preorder date change?

Yes, and it is subject to the manufacturer/distributor. We have no control over the release dates. We offer a discounted preorder price because you are taking the risk in booking the item before it is released.

I ordered a Preorder and it cancelled. What happens?

We will notify you of the cancellation and arrange to provide you with a refund.

What is a REORDER?

Similar to a Preorder, a Reorder is an item which has been released on the market, has been sold out but is still being produced and will be restocked in the near future. Like a Preorder, it will have a tentative restock date.

In the event you have placed an order for an item which is on reorder status and does not fill, you will get your money back.


ON REQUEST orders are out of stock items which can be specially ordered for you but may take more than 30 days to be received. Their price remains the same as indicated on the site.

SPECIAL ORDERS are items that need to be specifically ordered for you. Due to the fact many items are collectibles, it may result that they may actually cost more than indicated on the site. In this event you will be contacted and informed of the actual price and given the choice to refuse and obtain a refund or else pursue the item at the new price.

Paying For Products

How do I pay for my items?

Click on the shopping cart and it will guide you throughout the process. At some point it will take you to the Paypal website regardless if you have a Paypal account or not. This is because we use Paypal as a payment gateway

I do not have a credit card/I don't trust Paypal with my credit card. Can I still take advantage of the Preorder discount prices?

Yes you can, by visiting our store and paying the item in full as if you were purchasing it off the website

Can I pay at the store for in stock items and get the same website offers?

No. The website is one of our sales tools. It helps us stock the right amount of each item and provides the client with a wide range of items which we can fit virtually online but not physically in the shop. We pass on the overheads we save as discounts for the client. So if you want to save money order off the site, wait for an email from us updating you on the status of your order (usually sent within 24 hours except for weekends). If its already in stock you can come and collect it; if not you can receive it between 3 and 10 working days.

Can I leave a deposit on the website?

No. But you can leave a deposit on preorders at the store. You will have to pay the full price of the item in this case and not the discounted price

Shipping & Deliveries

Do you ship outside of Malta?

No. We currently do not ship out of Malta. We do plan to in the future!

How will my item be delivered?

We employ a number of ways of delivering items which are dependent on the nature and size of the item(s), and the location where the order has to be delivered. These include direct deliveries by the store itself and the use of 3rd party couriers/postal services.

Each method requires that someone has to be at the delivery address indicated as we require a signature. We will contact you prior to delivery to set the right time and day.

I ordered more than one item and not all are in stock at the time. What happens?

We will contact you to deliver the items that are currently in stock. Once the other items come back in stock we will once again contact you to deliver them as well. You do not pay anything extra for multiple deliveries.

I did not pay for local delivery but now I need it. What happens?

You can contact us to set up a delivery at a cost. This includes any credit card/paypal charges we may incur.