As Sony recently revealed, the PlayStation 5 is planned to be released during the 2020 holiday season. Although this means PS fans have a long wait until they can put their hands on the new console, there are already a bunch of leaks revealing aspects of the upcoming console.

One of these leaks reveals a new patent for the PlayStation 5 Controller via a Japanse patent office, and along with this new patent is the rough design of the new controller. While this is only a glimpse at the new DualShock controller,  a number of big changes can be noticed eventhough the shape of the controller is still similar to the DualShock 4.

Here’s the design image below:

3606072 Ps5 Controller 2
The design of the DualShock 5 controller
3606059 Ps5 Controller
The design of the DualShock 5 controller

As we can see in the above design, there are a few modifications in the new PlayStation controller – the joysticks are smaller, while the L2/R2 buttons are larger. Furthermore, the controller now uses USB-C as the charging port, while the light bar has been removed. These are preliminary designs and has happened with the PS3, they may change.

The touchpad will stay at the same place.

Sony has already previously stated that the standard rumble function will be removed, being replaced with the haptics feedback instead. The reason for this change is to give the controller a “broader range of feedback” which is similar to the Nintendo Switch’s Joy-Con. Meanwhile, the L2/R2 buttons will feature adaptive triggers, so that the button’s heaviness might vary depends on the game’s on-going action – for example, if you are pushing a heavy object in-game using the L2/R2 buttons for command, the button will be harder to press.

The PlayStation 5, along with the new Xbox Scarlett, is set to be released during the holiday season of 2020.