Francis Lawrence Confirms Talks With Lionsgate About Directing Upcoming ‘Hunger Games’ Prequel

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Image result for Hunger GamesFrancis Lawrence is a smart man. Clearly, he knows that when you’re the director of three incredibly popular franchise films, you never shut the door on the possibility of returning. And in the case of “The Hunger Games,” with a new prequel book around the corner and Lionsgate openly admitting that a film adaptation is coming, it appears that Lawrence has already been discussing his return to the franchise.

Speaking to People, the filmmaker was asked about the idea of talking to Lionsgate about returning to direct the prequel film, whenever that goes into production.

“Yeah, I’ve definitely been talking to Suzanne [Collins, author] about it and to Lionsgate about it,” the filmmaker said. “And so, it is something that I would absolutely love to do.”

Though he didn’t direct the first ‘Hunger Games’ film, Lawrence was the man behind the camera for the final three films, ‘Catching Fire,’ ‘Mockingjay Part 1,’ and ‘Mockingjay Part 2.’ Of course, it would make sense that, based on the success of those three films, the studio would be really interested in having the director back.

However, there’s one project that has been talked about that is likely never going to happen for Lawrence. When asked about a sequel to his last film, the R-rated spy flick, “Red Sparrow” (totally different than “Black Widow,” despite both being about female, Russian spies trained in a school that also taught dance, so calm down Marvel lawyers…), the director didn’t mince words with talking probabilities

“I don’t think that’s going to happen,” Lawrence revealed. “It didn’t quite get the response that I was hoping it would get. I think that, yeah, that’s probably off the table.”

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Despite the hype of having Jennifer Lawrence in the starring role, “Red Sparrow” failed at the box office and received mixed-at-best reviews. So, this is one potential franchise that seems to have been completely derailed.

That being said, Lawrence has rebounded quite well and has directed part of the Apple TV+ series “See,” which is available now on the streaming service.

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