My Hero Academia PEZ Candies Coming Soon

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One of the hottest manga crosses over with the legendary candy!

Pez was created in 1927 (believe it or not) as an alternative to smoking, and overtime Pez Candies have managed to create a legacy for itself by incorporating some of the biggest franchises in the world into how their candies are dispensed. Pez dispenser are an ingenious contraption that spits out the candies using the heads of popular characters, and through time many characters have been featured and a museum to the candy founded.

The newest franchise to make the cut is My Hero Academia!

Funko’s CEO  Brian Mariotti went to Twitter to share images of the My Hero Academia Pez Candies that incorporate characters such as All Might, Midoriya, Todoroki, and All For One as the first anime characters of the franchise to receive their own Pez.

While there isn’t a release date set for these My Hero Academia Pez, they have been touted as “coming soon” to North America! MaltaComics will be carrying these PEZ!

2019 is proving to be a great year for the My Hero Academia franchise, fans can’t get enough of the fourth season while later this year, the second feature length film will be released that originally functioned as the series finale with My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising.

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