Hasbro Takes Us Back To 1978 with Classic Star Wars Toys

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Go old school with the Star Wars The Retro Collection Action Figures Wave 1 case! Six of the original twelve Star Wars action figures from 1978 are back almost exactly like you remember them.

Luke and Darth Vader retain their retractable telescoping lightsabers. Han, Leia, Chewbacca, and the Stormtrooper include their blaster pistols. And for the most discriminating of fans, each figure is just a smidgen different in size and detail that with a little study, you’ll be able to tell them from the original releases.

Each figure will carry a preorder offer individually for €14.99 and the entire first wave Star Wars E4 Retro 3-3/4in AF Case  is currently available to preorder at MaltaComics.

Plus, Hasbro will be releasing a premium X-Wing Starfighter compatible with 3 3/4-inch scale Star Wars action figures! Inspired by the X-wing fighter Luke Skywalker piloted in Episode IV: A New Hope, this Vintage Collection vehicle makes a wonderful gift for fans of the original trilogy.

Premium deco and design features on this X-wing include landing gear, a hinged cockpit canopy, adjustable wings, and a mini projectile launcher. Details like weathered paintwork and interior cockpit deco make this an impressive collectible display item. Like other Star Wars The Vintage Collection classic figures and vehicles this X-Wing release will feature original Kenner Toys branding!

The Star Wars Vintage Luke Skywalker Red 5 X-wing Fighter will be on preorder at: €99.99 and is also currently available to preorder now at MaltaComics!

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