DC COLLECTIBLES New Line-Up Revealed Just Before NYCC

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DC has unveiled a new addition of statues and action figures, including the 102nd statue in the Batman: Black & White series (by Jim Lee) and additions to the Batman: The Adventures Continue action figure line just ahead of their panel to be held Thursday, October 3 at 1:45 pm at the New York Comic Con .

The Batman: The Adventures Continue additions include a mash-up of the Batman Who Laughs in the Adventures style by Ty Templeton due in October 2020.

Other additions for 2020 include a new DC Designer Series Batman statue by Alex Ross and several new DC Essentials action figures, some of which areincluding ones based on the current DC limited series storyline – DCeased.

Thursday’s NYCC panel is scheduled to include Greg Capullo, Paul Harding, Jean St. Jean and DC Collectibles Creative Director, Jim Fletcher.

The following is a list of all the new items. Check out the gallery below.

Batman: Black & White Statue: Batman by Jim Lee, Batman by Frank Miller, Batmonster by Greg Capullo

Batman: The Adventures Continue: The Batman Who Laughs, Talon, HUSH, Thomas Wayne as Batman

Harley Quinn Red, White & Black: Harley Quinn by Steve Pugh

DC Bombshells Statue: Carrie Kelly as Robin D

DC Cover Girls: Harley Quinn by Frank Cho

DC Designer Series: Batman by Alex Ross

DC Essentials Action Figures: #23 Batman Rebirth Version 2, #24 The Flash Speed Force, #25 Nightwing New 52, #26 Superman: The Return of Superman, #27 Essentially DCeased Batman, #28 Essentially DCeased The Joker, #29 Essentially DCeased Harley Quinn, #30 Essentially DCeased Superman

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